Affordability Programs

WDS never turns away students based on financial need. WDS proudly offers a groundbreaking income-based tuition cap program that correlates adjusted gross income (AGI) with a fair and reasonable tuition payment. No scholarship application is needed; the only required documentation is a Form 1040, and our Executive Director will provide prompt confirmation of each family’s financial obligation.

Families with AGI of $250,000 or less pay a flat, all-inclusive tuition fee according to the following schedule:

Ganon Tots
 Ganon (Tot's tastic, 3's and 4's)
1st Grade
2nd & 3rd Grade
4th & 5th Grade
6th, 7th & 8th Grade

Families with AGI over $250,000 enjoy capped tuition payments (up to a 40% reduction) as a percentage of AGI:
  • For example, at an AGI of $350K, the cap is 19% of AGI (i.e., $66,500).
  • The income-based cap includes tuition payments to yeshiva high schools. Your WDS obligation is a pro rata share of the cap. For example, if your WDS tuition is $50,000, and your yeshiva high school tuition is $35,000, WDS’s pro rata share is (50/85), or about 59% of the cap.
  • Use our online tuition calculator below to determine your obligation.

Online Tuition Calculator:

Tuition Calculator

  • If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Finance and Operations  Elliot Shriner-Cahn at            , 914-698-8900 ext. 133.
  • To participate in any of our assistance programs, your WDS account must be in good standing.

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